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The information about your tourist destination is crucial and deserves the same attention we give to booking flights, hotels, or excursions. We invite you to take a few minutes to get to know your next stop, Salou.

Before visiting Salou, especially if it's your first time coming, take notes on the most basic things you should know about this beautiful Mediterranean destination. Knowing your tourist, work, or residence destination is always positive and will allow you to make the most of your experience. It helps you familiarize yourself with the local culture, understand traditions and customs, and adapt more easily to your surroundings. Furthermore, knowing the idiosyncrasies of the place will help you establish a more authentic connection with the local people and respect their values and way of life.
An Amazing Destination
Salou offers endless possibilities for entertainment and exploration. Whether you're looking to relax on the beach, enjoy the nightlife, explore nature, engage in sports, or participate in events and conventions, Salou is undoubtedly a versatile destination of shared experiences.
Come Alone or with Company
Whether you come with family, friends, or simply alone, in Salou, you will find services and activities for every group, ensuring you won't get bored. You can visit at any time of the year and take part in the various events organized.
Don't Forget Your Pet
Salou embraces Pet-Friendly tourism, with services and facilities tailored to welcome visitors with their pets, which residents can also enjoy. Many businesses and establishments gladly accept your furry companion.
Inclusive Municipality for Everyone
Salou takes pride in having a welcoming and inclusive population that extends a warm welcome to members of the LGBTQ+ community and other groups visiting us and wanting to spend some time among us. You are welcome and respected in the capital of the Costa Daurada.
Safe Municipality
Salou is recognized for being a safe and welcoming place for both residents and visitors. It has effective security measures, well-established emergency services, and a community committed to safety. However, it is important to exercise caution and not to neglect personal belongings, especially in public areas and on the beaches. It is advised to avoid conflicts and maintain a peaceful and respectful attitude in establishments and streets.
In Salou, Good People
The key to enjoying a good vacation in Salou is coexistence and mutual respect. It's important to note that in Salou, there are residents who live, study, and work, many of them working hard to provide you with a pleasant stay. Therefore, it's crucial to avoid causing them unnecessary inconvenience. Be kind to the local people, their environment, and their daily routine. Remember that if you come to spend some days with us, have fun responsibly and civically.
Enjoying the Sea
Salou boasts 14 km of coastline with 4 fine sandy beaches and 5 coves that line the coast, where the enjoyment of any water activity is guaranteed, including diving and fishing with a rod. You can appreciate the coastal landscape by strolling along the Camí de Ronda that surrounds this impressive natural area and admire its beauty from the viewpoints along the way.
Exceptional Climate
The sun is present almost every day of the year, and the gentle breeze invites you to take a stroll, ensuring that this Mediterranean destination is always pleasant. Average temperatures in summer usually hover around 30°C, while in winter, they range between 10°C and 15°C. Sea temperatures range from 18°C to 25°C. Precipitation tends to occur in spring and winter. The driest season in terms of rainfall is in summer, although there is typically a more humid atmosphere.
Longer Days
During the summer season, days are longer in Salou in terms of natural light, allowing for more enjoyment of its terraces for dinner or a drink outdoors thanks to the time change adopted in Spain. The first time change occurs in spring, the last weekend of March when the clock is set forward one hour (at 02:00h, it becomes 03:00h), and another change in the fall, the last weekend of October when the clock is set back one hour (at 03:00h, it becomes 02:00h).
Year-Round Sports
Salou boasts an impressive sports infrastructure that encompasses nearly 50 facilities, significantly facilitating sports practice at both a professional and amateur level in the municipality. Additionally, it stands out as a leader in sports tourism, hosting various activities throughout the year related to different disciplines, both locally and internationally with recognized prestige. Undoubtedly, thanks to the good climate, it is a great destination for practicing sports at any time of the year, whether you are a resident or a visitor.
Once you are in Salou, you will have access to bus services with stops throughout the municipality, as well as taxi services that also have stops at the busiest points. Additionally, Salou has an interurban bus station located on Paseo de Jaume I. The Salou-PortAventura train station is just 3 km away. If you prefer, you can also rent scooters for people with reduced mobility, bicycles, electric scooters, motorcycles, and cars in Salou.
Salou is an ideal destination to enjoy a wide range of leisure and entertainment, perfect for the whole family. Strolling through the city's most emblematic places is just the beginning of the numerous options that Salou offers. You can hop on the tourist train and explore the most prominent corners of Salou. Bosc Aventura is another popular option, where you can enjoy activities such as zip lines, paintball, and mini-golf, among others. If you prefer to relax and disconnect, Parc Municipal is an ideal place to rest, read a book, have a conversation, or listen to music with your headphones.
Shopping Excursions
Salou offers a wide and diverse commercial offering that caters to the needs of both residents and visitors. Fashion, footwear, gifts, decor, food, appliances - the commercial area of Salou is divided into three main zones: the city center, Passeig Jaume I, and the Carles Buigas and Carrer Saragossa area. Additionally, throughout the year, there are fairs and open-air markets that add variety and excitement to the shopping experience. Not to forget the traditional "Mercadillo" on Mondays, where you can find a little bit of everything and more.
Salou's Gastronomy
In Salou, you can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants that cater to all tastes. From those focusing on local products and fusion cuisine to other options such as international cuisine, signature dishes, and even fast food, there are choices for everyone's preferences. Throughout the year, various renowned gastronomic events are held, providing the opportunity to enjoy unique culinary experiences.
Salou is known for its vibrant nightlife and extensive entertainment options. If you're looking to have fun in a lively atmosphere, you'll find numerous bars, beach bars (chiringuitos), and nightclubs to enjoy music and dance until the early morning, with a variety of atmospheres and musical styles. From quiet bars to enjoy a drink and chat with friends to themed bars with live music and themed parties featuring renowned DJs. Salou also offers venues with shows where you can enjoy live music performances while having dinner or having a drink.
Basic Information
Salou is a coastal town located in the province of Tarragona, in the autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain, in southern Europe. It covers an area of 15.1 km² with an altitude of 2 meters and is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. It has a population of 29,028 (2022). The official languages are Catalan and Spanish. The currency is the Euro, and most credit cards are accepted in shops and services. The telephone prefix is +34 - 977 XXXXXX, and the postal code is 43840.